Estonian startup launches online medical consultation firm in the U.S.


MetaMed, an Estonian startup led by Skype’s founding engineer Jaan Tallinn, is offering an online medical consultation service for wealthy customers in the U.S.

MetaMed first collects information from the patient — starting with a gene card and data about living environment to childhood diseases — hands them over to a high-level medical reasearch team. The doctors dive into this with the bold goal of delivering “personal medical breakthroughs” to customers.

Jaan Tallinn said that the service has been launched for wealthier clients because it is easier for a startup company to deal with fewer, wealthy clients vs many middle-class customers.

The core of MetaMed’s purpose lies in its argument that the current U.S. health system falls short for patients, especially in terms of time spent developing personalised solutions for major illnesses. MetaMed believes its service, which costs roughly $5,000 per 24 hours of research, is the perfect solution to the growing problem of un-personalised care.

The company also recently announced a $500,000 funding round led by venture capitalist Peter Thiel.

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