Estonian honey reaches the Chinese market


The largest apiculture company in Estonia has started exporting Estonian honey to the Chinese market. The first jars of Estonian honey will be sold in China already this month.

Ecologically pure honey is a highly sought after product in China and, in addition to the production of Australian companies, Estonian trade mark Meveda is now entering the local market.. The first shipment of Estonian honey will be available for sale next week via the local TV shopping network.

“China is a growing market for Estonian honey, where a large share of our local honey production could be exported in the future. According to a number of sources, Estonia currently produces 800-1000 tonnes of honey per year. Trading on foreign markets enables Estonian apiculture to reach the next level, where production volumes have grown substantially. This brings benefit to both the country as well as to the local manufacturers; whom I would encourage to produce more honey, to ensure that Estonian honey reaches an increasing number of foreign markets,” said Jaanus Tull, management board member of Meveda OÜ.

“Many regions of the world are too poor and polluted as a result of human activity. The specificity of Estonian honey is the local pure and species-rich natural habitat, which makes it a highly appreciated product around the world,” Tull explained.

In his letter, sent to the management board of Meveda, Estonian Consul General Jaan Reinhold expressed his delight concerning the entry of the Estonian honey producer to the Asian markets and added that the Estonian Consulate General in Shanghai is willing to facilitate the export activity of Meveda towards China in every possible way. Reinhold also set Meveda as an example for other companies in the Estonian food sector, many of which have yet to discover exotic export markets with huge potential.

Founded as a family-business, Meveda OÜ has been operating on the Estonian honey market since 1996. In addition to classical honey, the company’s product range also includes honey with propolis, honey with royal jelly and honey with pollen.

Source: http://www.maaleht.ee/news/mesindus/mesi/eesti-mesi-joudis-hiina-turule.d?id=65785364