Estonia – a state, founded on IT


computer programmingEstonia is an innovative state, the infrastructure of which is built on IT – each citizen can manage state matters through a bank link and start a business with a digital signature provided online, all of this supported by fast Internet, Wi-Fi coverage throughout Estonia, and an extensive 3G network. All of these possibilities will be introduced by Estonia at the Mobile World Congress 2013, to be held in Barcelona. Attendance of the Estonian companies at the fair is supported by Enterprise Estonia via European Regional Development Fund.

Seventeen different companies will be demonstrating Estonia’s modern technological solutions and openness for testing the new solutions, at the joint stand, from 25-28 February.

Estonia’s display involves companies offering software development as well as IT services: Cannedapps OÜ, Dream Grupp OÜ, Elvior OÜ, Girf OÜ, Yoga OÜ, Oskando OÜ, Fabulonia OÜ, Nutiteq OÜ, Positium OÜ, TaxiPal OÜ, Fortumo Ltd, Yep OÜ, NOW!Innovations OÜ, Mooncascade OÜ, Sertfitseerimiskeskus AS, Surface Labs International OÜ, Regio AS.

“Estonia already has the status of a brand in the IT world. That which is our substance, can be viewed by each visitor themselves,” noted Mr Martin Hirvoja, a member of Enterprise Estonia’s management board and the organiser of Estonia’s joint stand. “Estonia’s mobile services are well ahead of our competitors – we have plenty of smart developers and entrepreneurs, and we promise to remain competitive,” Hirvoja added.

Estonia’s display is located in hall 8.1 (AppPlanet), display C40. Hall 8.1 is aimed at companies developing app-products (applications), housing approx. 200 exponents.

The Mobile World Congress 2013 is the most important event in the mobile arena, bringing together the leaders and visionaries of the world’s most successful operators, entrepreneurs, manufacturers and brands.