A new way to measure customer satisfaction - HappyOrNot®


happy_or_notHave you ever wondered what your customers really think of you? It’s not surprising that most organizations don’t really know too much about the customers perceptions of service quality during their shopping or service experience. Traditional methods of gathering this information fall short in gathering information from a representative percentage of customers. So the data provided through those means don’t allow for effective operational improvements.

The company HappyOrNot offers in cooperation with the market research company HakmanVision a service which provides clients with point-of-experience devices that are so easy and fun to use that an average of 15-20% of consumers use the service to give feedback on a daily basis. With some clients it goes as high as 80%. The results are automatically reported at desired intervals and can be accessed via a handy web interface or by an automated email service, thereby giving location management and corporate management effective tools to improve service quality and the customer experience.

In Estonia, the service is already being used by Tallink Hotels, business campus Technopolis and Tallinn airport.

Also all Heathrow airport terminals are equipped with HappyOrNot meters, for instance customer satisfaction is continuously measured after each security checkpoints. Kevin Rendle, Head of Operative Systems of Heathrow, BAA explains: “We expect that the service will become an integral part of measuring passenger feedback and the results will be integrated into our management system which is reviewed on a daily basis by the terminal team. The units have had an interesting effect on the behavior or our security teams. Without any prompting the security staff is encouraging passengers to use the feedback units.  This is hugely encouraging as it is a positive interaction between our staff and the passenger, it really enforces to passengers that their feedback is important to us”.

HappyOrNot is being used by over 80 leading retail and service chain organizations, like Decathlon, Expert, Sodexo, Heathrow, Newcastle and Lyon Airport, DocMorris Pharmacies and Lloyds Pharmacies, Vodafone and many more industry leaders. The service has already generated over 10,000,000 customer feedbacks across 12 countries.