International companies choose Estonia for IT development partnership


Estonia has earned itself an image as a place for European IT development companies to locate. As a recent example, Swedish IT cloud service company Cloudmore is opening its analysis and development department in Estonia.

Cloudmore has just registered itself as a company in Estonia and is currently in the process of hiring employees. Its managing director, Michael Wicander, said that one of the many reasons that made the company pick Estonia as the location was a good connection with Sweden as well as cultural resemblence.

IT college lecturer Linnar Viik said that a lot of international companies have given their IT development work to Estonian specialists, including banking and telecommunications sector companies, not mentioning Skype, now part of Microsoft.

"One source of pride throughout history has been Swedbank Estonia’s IT development department. Today, practically all Northern European banks which are operating in Estonia have IT development specialists employed, with responsibility expanding to the corporate level. Same examples can be found in telecommunications companies, including Eesti Telecom, Elisa, Tele2 and others," said Viik.

Source: Linnart M. (2013). Mitmed rahvusvahelised firmad eelistavad arendustegevuseks Eestit. ERR uudised, 18. jaanuar.