Export Morning - How to increase your power in international sales negotiations?


Successful business negotiation in global markets requires effective cross-cultural communication between buyer and seller. How to develop sales negotiations skills? Is price or sustainable cooperation the most important?

This Export Morning to these and other questions will answer Maksim Kedrin (Head of Supply Department, WorldWide Supply) and Argo Saul (Chairman of Management Board, Nordic Houses). Both experienced managers will introduce with different tips and tricks how to succeed in international sales negotiations within different industries and countries.


Following topics will be included in the discussion:

- Preparation, strategies and possible outcomes
- Multi-cultural challenges and costly mistakes - How to achieve a win-win scenario
- How to reach potential clients
- Which topics have proved to be important in the negotiations
- What is the basis for a sustainable cooperation

Most of the event will be held in Estonian.

Fee: 10 EUR + VAT

Register: ej.uz/Ekspordihommik

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