Consumer goods innovation from Estonia - Grillcube


In summer 2012 Estonian company GrillSeason OÜ launched a unique product named Grillcube that makes starting a charcoal grill without flammable chemicals very convenient.

Grillcube is charcoal in a specially designed paperboard box. Thanks to its patent pending shape and internal air flue, user don't need to do anything else than just light the box with a match and in 10-15 minutes the charcoal is lit just by burning of the recycled paperboard and without any flammable chemicals. It’s convenient, good for environment and there is no possibility that natural flavour of the food will be ruined by lighter fluid.

Last summer Grillcube was sold in many large retail chains and garden centres of Estonia. Co-founder of GrillSeason OÜ Vahur Mäe said: "First season showed that there is a real need for a product like Grillcube. We have received feedback from many satisfied people who used Grillcube throughout the summer."

There has also been a great interest in Grillcube from export markets. "In upcoming year we are expecting to be selling in several retail chains in Finland and Germany. Next target countries are Sweden, Norway and France”, said GrillSeason OÜ co-founder Mart Raus.

Grillcube idea was awarded with the II place in Estonian biggest entrepreneurship competition "Ajujaht 2012".


More information: www.grillcube.com