BeneNavis OÜ – three men in a wooden mahogany motorboat


With nearly 4000 km of coastline, hundreds of years of shipbuilding traditions and numerous fishing villages, Estonia as a maritime country is proud to present its skills in making boats of high-quality craftsmanship.

One such company is BeneNavis OÜ, founded in 2011, with its elegant mahogany motorboats. Behind the name – BeneNavis – are 3 eager men – Indrek Pähnpuu, Hannes Lilp and Hans Peter Karanen.

The first BeneNavis prototype boat was assembled in 2010 by Indrek, who previously had worked in the ship building industry and acquired extensive know-how on how to build a vessel that he himself would want to use. Hannes and Hans Peter, sharing the same interest, joined later, and at that moment BeneNavis was born. Today, they produce handmade wooden mahogany boats – the BeneNavis Classic, a four-seater, and the BeneNavis Coupe, a two-seater. We had a chance to conduct a small interview with Hannes Lilp, responsible for the company’s management and marketing.


Why was such a company created? What was the driving force?

The driving force behind the creation of the company was the fact that wooden luxury boat building has taken a backseat in today’s plastic boat building world, and no less important was our desire to create positive emotions for our customers and certainly for ourselves as well. Our slogan speaks for itself – BeneNavis – Created with passion!

Have you also attended any fairs with BeneNavis boats?

BeneNavis has attended many fairs where visitors and journalists have been amazed by the beauty and comfort of BeneNavis boats. One of the last fairs we attended was Hanseboot in Hamburg, Germany. BeneNavis boats are on the market for the first season and one of our target markets is Germany, where there are many lakes and rivers that are perfect for cruising with our motorboat. Our first goal at Hanseboot was to introduce our product/brand, and the welcome from the market was very positive. We managed to expand our network of our clients and partners.

hanseboot minister parts
Picture taken at the Hanseboot, the 54th Hamburg International Boat Show. Juhan Parts, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communication, on the left, and Hannes Lilp, on the right.

What are the main target markets right now?

The main target markets right now are Germany, Finland and Russia. We are a small startup company and we have to concentrate on a few markets; but step by step we are expanding the markets where we are promoting our products. Right now we are looking for dealers and strategic investors who would help us to expand our sales in target markets.

What is the best achievement so far for the company or you personally when thinking about your work in the company?

Personally, I think that our team (Hannes and Indrek) did a great job during our first year of operation. The company´s documentation has been worked out in order to give us the right to produce and sell boats in the EU, we built boats for promotional purposes, worked out our company´s corporate identity, participated in five exhibitions – one in Estonia, two in Finland and two in Germany – and now we are working on our next product innovation.