HR Factory launched a new innovative service called Scribicon


by Pille Seppar

x struggle_00264 2HR factory is a highly specialized outsourcing partner of professional HR services and innovative learning solutions. Expertise of more than 10 years in Human Resource Management and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) enables the company to provide customized solutions to companies of any size.

One of the company values is open-mindedness and main aim is to be the innovation leaders in HR field. That is why HR factory launched a new innovative service called Scribicon – a way for virtual message communication.

Much of the information that is given out on a daily basis, never actually gets read, because people simply do not have the time or energy to do so! It is in the interest of the communicator to make the message as attractive as possible to get the attention and results desired. One of the most memorable ways to communicate a message is through a story. So Scribicon was created to capture the idea of virtual storytelling and make it accessible to everyone who wants to communicate their message effectively.

The technique that a Scribicon clip is created with is called video-scribing and it combines video, audio, storytelling and animation. Scribicon not only allows you to simultaneously see and hear the story being told, it brings you closer, as you watch the tale unfold with each stroke of the pen.

Though video-scribing is still a niche service in Estonian market, it presents many advantages. Scribicon helps maintain the audience’s attention throughout the whole video clip as different senses are stimulated (i.e. auditory, visual). The video can be distributed through many different communication channels and you can reach significantly higher retention rates.

Scribicon can be used to communicate whatever information – to introduce new company strategy to employees –to create a marketing campaign – promote a new service or product, create stronger brand awareness. It also offers a great opportunity for micro and mobile learning. Transmit learning content in short interactive sessions – mix micro videos, knowledge bites, short quizzes and tests. With Scribicon you can tell your story so that it will be remembered. Your message will stand out and the “wow” effect and viral buzz are guaranteed.

The story of Scribicon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDTO_YN4hnA