Regio’s success story: first class products mixed with bold views


culturewalks_iphone_1Estonia’s leading mobile positioning and mapping company Regio is a company with a bold approach when choosing export countries. It has gone beyond its comfort zone and expanded the range of its export countries which are neither geographically nor culturally close to Estonia.

Regio has four fields of activity: mapping, geospatial data, geographical information systems (GIS) and mobile positioning. It exports more than 60% of its turnover, and the export markets include Argentina, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine and Italy.

Sales manager of foreign markets Piruza Hovhannisyan told the magazine Liidrite Lood that the idea of export activity is to expand into other areas, but if you have “cultural closeness” as one of the criteria, you will be able to cross only the borders of your neighbouring countries. Selecting export markets is quite a dynamic job, and internet-based theory can be nulled by a personal visit to the target country when you find that the actual needs of these customers are different than expected. 

Hovhannisyan told Enterprise Estonia that the company, internationally known as Reach-U, has several unique advantages worldwide. In mobile positioning, the company is the only one able to provide a full-service solution which consists of middleware for mobile phone operators as well as services and maps needed by the end-users. Reach-U’s software is currently available to nearly 250 million mobile phone users around the world, making the company one of the largest in Europe. Regio’s aim is to become the first-class mobile positioning service provider in the East for the telecom, logistiscs and infrastructure sector.

Hovhannisyan pointed out that the company has an interest in opportunites found in mobile positioning and in making use of these opportunities every day. It is a growing worldwide trend to understand objects in a more operative way.

In geographical information systems, Regio is the only software developer in Estonia which creates systems with actual data. Regio makes and sells its software components so that it is able to connect the data with maps without doubling data systems and software. Regio is currently working on plans to export its geographical information system and different e-government products that are available in Estonia. These include, for example, web app TarkTee which sends traffic information to end-users via web, SMS or TMC, or virtual city models such as “3D Tallinn” was made for the capital of Estonia.