Barley is the hottest food product pouring out of Estonia


109026_25Barley was the most exported food product in 2011, making up 66 percent of Estonia's grain export totals, while cocoa and related products were the most popular transit foodstuff.

In all, over 180,000 tonnes of barley were exported last year, most of which went by ship to southwestern Asia and other European countries, Statistics Estonia reported today.

Milk products were the second largest food export in 2011, with 100,000 tonnes of milk and cream sent to foreign markets. Close to 80 percent of the protein rich liquids was trucked to Lithuania.

Rapeseed was third for exports weighing in at 80,000 tons, most of which went to other European markets.

Estonia's main transit partner in 2011 was Russia. The eastern neighbor imported over 300,000 tonnes of cocoa by way of Estonia. Close to 77 percent of that cocoa was transported by rail.

Source: ERR news, picture: Postimees/Scanpix