Wiedemanni Translation Bureau - first translation company in Estonia to have a certified information security management system


dragon-cave-dWiedemanni Translation Bureau is Estonia’s first translation company (and second Estonian company overall) to have introduced an information security management system that corresponds to the International Standard ISO 27001:2005. ISO 27001 helps companies manage the information they themselves have created as well as the information made available to the company by its clients.

„By its nature, Wiedemanni is an undertaking that handles information. Every year, we translate more than 40,000 pages of text for nearly 350 clients from approximately 20 countries. Clients order translations from Wiedemanni in digital formats as well as on paper. Since our volumes of work are constantly growing along with our in-house team, while the information society around us is reaching new stages of development, we recognised the need to take a closer look at how Wiedemanni Translation Bureau handles the transmission, management and storage of information,“ said Liina Teder, the head of Wiedemanni.

Wiedemanni’s objective is to implement sufficient security measures within the context of the most likely threats in order to prevent damage to its information assets and reputation, as well as ensure the uninterrupted operation of the company.

„We aim to be a reliable and stress-free partner for our clients,“ said Liina Teder.

The International Standard ISO 27001:2005, which, surprisingly, is all but unknown in Estonia (in addition to Wiedemanni Translation Bureau, only the major state enterprise Eesti Loto AS has achieved ISO 27001:2005 certification), defines information security as protection of the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.

In all of the aforementioned areas, the standard points out risks that an organisation should manage in a suitable manner so as to accomplish the main objective: ensuring the availability and usability of the information of people or units when necessary, and restricting the availability of information to people and units that should not have access to it. Bureau Veritas Eesti OÜ, the company that handled the certification of Wiedemanni Translation Bureau states on its website that ISO 27001 provides guidelines in relation to the establishment and operation of information security systems as well as their maintenance and change management.

„One of the most important results of the introduction of the ISO standard has definitely been the increase of information security awareness among the company’s employees and their acquisition of new practices as members of the information society,“ said Teder. Furthermore, the introduction of the ISO standard resulted in an upgrading of the company’s technological base. „As of now, all of our IT processes are subject to constant monitoring and improvement.

Wiedemanni is the second biggest translation bureau in Estonia. Most of the projects the bureau handles are related to technical translations, legal translations and EU translations.